On-Line Courses

By the end of September:
  1. Complete this self-paced incident command course and email the FEMA Certificate of Achievement pdf file to the IOR address as listed on the registration form.
  2. Register for this self-paced Mountain Weather course and complete the quizzes for “Part 1: Foundation Topics” (and the other parts too if you have additional time and inclination). On the initial registration form, enter the IOR email address as listed on the registration form for automatic notification of your completion.
  3. Complete this self-paced Leave No Trace course and email the jpg certification file that is generated at the very end of the course (after the scoring screen and upon entry of your contact information . . . or just generate a screen capture once your score and "congratulations" appear on the screen).
  4. Complete this self-paced map bearing course and email the certification file (save as a picture file) that is generated upon successful completion.