Reading and Review Quiz

Read the following two texts:
  • NSP's Mountain Travel and Rescue (second edition, 2012:  currently, least expensive price is from the NSP Accessories Catalog, although best deal is from Amazon if adding other products to reach minimum purchase for free shipping) – all chapters.
  • Backcountry Skiing: Skills for Ski Touring and Ski Mountaineering, by Martin Volken, Scott Schell, and Margaret Wheeler – Note that avalanche-specific sections you can skip over include:  Chapter 1's avalanche safety equipment; Chapter 2's sections other than “Tour Planning” and “Human Factors and Group Dynamics”; Chapters 4, 5, 7 (skinning, skiing, and transitions between the two); and, Chapter 10's “Avalanche Companion Rescue.”  Other sections that – while useful – are nevetheless beyond the scope of this MTR1 course include Chapter 6's sections other than “Anchor Basics,” “Anchors on Snow,” and “Seated Belays”; and, Chapter 10's “Crevase Rescue” other than the Direct Haul 3:1 system.
Based on this reading, complete the review quiz by the deadline noted in the student checklist. (You can use either doc or pdf file formats -- note that although you can't edit the file at the current google docs website location, you can download it to your computer as a doc file, or even then upload it to your own google docs folder and edit it there.)  The quiz will not be graded (especially since some of the questions are designed more to elicit thinking rather than any particular well-defined answer), but it will be reviewed for completeness.